Heart of America Patriot Foundation (HOAPF)


Our mission is to honor, support, and empower veterans.

Our Mission

Honoring Veterans

SupportIng Veterans

SupportIng Veterans


Honoring veterans at the Opening Ceremony of the Patriot Benefit is so moving, many are brought to tears.   A sense of patriotism arises as attendees shake the hands of veterans and thank them for their service and sacrifice.

SupportIng Veterans

SupportIng Veterans

SupportIng Veterans


Supporting Gold Star Families, Honor Flights to D.C. memorials, and educational grants are just a few of the ways our Foundation supports local veterans.  

Empowering Veterans

SupportIng Veterans

Empowering Veterans


Empowering through veteran grants at colleges eases the warrior-to-worker transition, enabling these men and women to succeed in their new role as valuable members of our civilian community. 


Our Impact

Veterans and volunteers operate the Heart of America Patriot Foundation without monetary compensation in order to maximize our support to veterans - exceeding $360,000 to date.  

Foundation grants to educational institutions provide veterans scholarships, books, fees, and emergency funds (e.g., food, childcare, or car repairs).  

Our goal is to honor, support and empower veterans on their path to productive civilian lives.

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